Advanced IED

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Advanced IED Recognition Course (A.I.R.-C)
Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) have evolved over the past 15 years from crude pipe bombs to increasingly sophisticated devices. Both private and public entities need to keep up with the evolution of IED’s, responses and protocols. The briefing objectives are; 1). Raise awareness to new tactics currently utilized by terrorists and criminals in the use of various types of IED’s 2). How Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) works, 3). Pre-Incident Indicators (PII’s) and identification of potential device.
1. History of IED use against civilian targets (soft targets).
2. Recent case studies (from Aliso Viejo package bomb to the Houston
TX serial bomber)
3. Types of IED’s from large vehicle IEDs, use of drones to deliver IED’s
to personal implanted IED’s .
4. Recognition of various types of IEDs.
5. Response protocols (Do’s and Don’ts).
Kevin G. Miles, FBI Master SABT ret. – Mr. Miles is a Lecturer at the Department of Fire Protection and Paramedicine Sciences, School of Safety, Security, & Emergency Management, Eastern Kentucky University. He has extensive experience in the field of improvised explosive devices and post-blast investigations.
Mr. Miles retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after 23 years as a Special Agent Bomb Technician. For the past 3 years, he has been teaching pre-and post- blast investigation techniques as a government contractor to students from around the world. He has published numerous articles and research papers on the topics above and has received numerous awards from the FBI, local law enforcement organizations and the United States military for his service to the first responder community.
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