These photos were taken inside the LAPD Olympic Division, at a community and police meeting, where Barry was honored for his many years of service to the LAPD Olympic Division. A beautiful custom plaque was given to Barry, by the Commanding Officers. Also shown in the photos are also Marcia Maiten, Sidney & Lorraine Maiten (both of whom are World War Two – U.S. Military Veterans of the U.S. Navy). Shawn Maiten was at the event too. Barry is also the LAPD Reserve Officer / Specialist Of The Year for the LAPD Wilshire Division, and he was honored by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Barry has been working for free, for years and years, for many various LAPD Divisions, and also many other local, and state, and federal law enforcement departments, agencies, and bureaus. Barry uses his fleet of classic police cars, and other classic cars, all for free to the police / law enforcement, to promote good & happy public relations, between the public and the police / law enforcement.