Bringing Awareness and a Sense of Responsibility

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a well-established law enforcement agency that aims not only to protect the citizens but to uphold the law at all times. On the other hand, most people are not aware of the limitations and responsibilities of an FBI agent. For this very reason why we have established the FBI LA CAAA.

Educating people

The members of FBI LA CAAA are all graduates of FBI LA CAAA curriculum which educates them about the role and function of the FBI. It also makes them aware responsibilities of the civilian community. Every citizen of the country is eligible to partake of the organization’s programs. It serves as a literacy campaign so that people would not be afraid of the FBI agents and work with them instead in keeping the peace and security of the community all throughout the country.

Educating the civilian will help them understand how the law enforcement agency conducts its business. In this way they would know what their responsibilities are as a civilian and be aware of the limitations of an enforcer. This in return will decrease the fear experienced by the citizens towards enforcers. With less fear and more understanding about their rights and responsibilities, the citizens will then be more at ease and live a more secure and comfortable life.

Helping the bureau

When the people are educated on how the FBI conducts their business, it would be easier for the FBI to get on with their investigations. With proper coordination with the civilian community, the FBI will be able to solve cases easily and give justice to where it is due. In most cases, it is often the statements of the witness which are key in solving a crime. With people cooperating and doing their part it would be a lot easier and crimes will be prevented.