The letters “FBI” are well known to every person, whether young or old. These letters have a literal meaning that’s Federal Bureau of Investigation. This top federal law enforcement agency has been demeaned or glorified throughout the years in TV shows, movies and news media. The community may not have a clear picture of what this agency does.


Unless people understand the role FBI plays and how they can help it achieve its goal of ensuring security among the community, things may not be all that well. Crime issues exist among ourselves and if we don’t help the FBI and other security agencies, it may not be easy to stamp out these crimes.


FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the federal law enforcement agency and how it conducts its work. Those people nominated to take part in the close to 10-week Citizens Academy have a different story to tell about FBI. They learn that FBI is not that kind of agency that has been tainted by the media and other channels. They gain a different perspective of how these agents work.


One thing that people who have attended the FBI Citizens Academy say is that the officers are so friendly and caring. The students learn a bit of tactics they can use to deal with issues of crime including examining evidence, lifting fingerprints, using weapons, and taking on the “bad guys.”


It is an experience that changes the mindset of many people who become aware of the role the community plays in helping FBI agents. Those who graduate from the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy become members of FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association.


Through the Alumni Association, they are able to meet occasionally and get updates on new developments regarding issues of security and crime in the local as well as global scene. You may want to be part of the FBI LA CA to learn more about FBI and how the community may help enhance security and safety.