Is your company a victim of cyber crime, robbery or organized crime and you are wondering whom to contact? Well, you should consider contacting the FBI if you feel that the police are not doing enough. The FBI agents deal with about 200 different categories of crimes related to the federal law and national security. Unlike the local police officers, the FBI agents may face dangerous situations and often travel extensively.  FBI LA Ca promotes a safer community through community service projects and educates its members about law enforcements. Meanwhile, below are the qualities of a real FBI Agent.


An FBI agent typically deals with complex cases as well as sophisticated crimes. Thus, a high level of aptitude and reasoning skills is necessary for an FBI agent for him to solve your case efficiently. An FBI agent must have at least a bachelor’s degree and three years’ experience. Although the newbies are not allowed into the field but instead handle desk-related work, it is good to ensure that the agent can handle your case.

Personal Attributes

Qualities such as honesty, trustworthiness, and good judgment skills are crucial in a case. FBI agents are mostly involved with criminals and they ought to portray lots of integrity. In addition, an agent must be able to safeguard any sensitive information regarding your case. Compassion, respect, and accountability are among the traits and core values of a good FBI agent.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and strength are critical to an FBI agent’s performance because they might get involved in lots of activities while in the field. A good FBI agent must undergo all the comprehensive ethics training and pass an extensive background check. They must be medically fit and portray a near-perfect vision and hearing. The above traits help them handle extreme physical work perfectly even under enormous amounts of stress.