FBI LA Ca, also known as FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association, is an organization set up with the goal of educating the community on the mission and practices of the FBI. The community based organization operates independently from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). There are a lot of criminals in the Los Angeles area and the aim of this organization is to keep people alert to them. By keeping the people informed on the FBI’s mission, the community will be able to assist the FBI in carrying out their duties more efficiently. The organization is involved in various local community projects. Aside from taking on local community projects, they also work with other types of organizations such as labor groups, and government.


You can take the initiative to become familiar with the FBI by joining the FBI LA Ca’s membership. Every member will have to undergo an 8-week curriculum that cover topics on different emerging issues in federal law enforcement. From time to time, FBI LA Ca will invite speakers to educate alumni with the updates on the emerging issues that are occurred locally and internationally. Currently, they are planning to launch a Teen Academy. The purpose of the Teen Academy is to educate teens more on the FBI. You can join their newsletter to get updated on the latest activities they are involved.


FBI LA Ca regularly organizes programs to educate the community on different criminal issues such as drugs and gangs. They recently made arrangements for special FBI agents to give talks at the schools about the danger of drugs and alcohol use during the red ribbon week. You can contact them to schedule a community outreach program if you need them to help you in inviting the FBI agents to give a talk at your school. They can customize the program based on your area by including relevant topics. The community outreach program is available for both elementary and middle schools.