As a community based and supported organization, the FBI LA Ca is a separate and distinct group from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that was designed to help promote a safer community. The group works to create community service projects to be of benefit to the local community as well as work with businesses, labor groups, the media, religious groups, government organizations and more to provide education on the FBI in regards to the mission of the organization as well as resources.


Members of the Academy

Members of the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association must undergo an 8-week curriculum that is focused on the issues and challenges of federal law enforcement. Graduates of the program will then be eligible to participate in the FBI LA Ca of Los Angeles. The network of members meet to update members on the issues that are ongoing locally as well as globally.


Community Outreach Program

To better benefit your community, contact the FBI LA Ca of Los Angeles to participate in a Community Outreach program. Programs can be customized to your area and used to educate your community on drugs, gangs, violence and other appropriate topics. Elementary and middle schools benefit greatly from talks by the group that focus on alcohol and drug use. The group is currently looking to start a Teen Academy to give the youth of today an outlet to learn more about the FBI and training.

Speaking engagements take place on a regular basis to inform communities about local concerns. The FBI LA Ca puts the local community first, educating individuals to learn more about safety in a number of categories including drugs and alcohol, gang violence and more. The group can easily be contacted to learn more about the programs and speaking engagements set to take place or to set up an appointment to schedule a community outreach program.