FBI Los Angeles Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association: Helping Teens

The FBI Citizen’s Academy is an incredibly beneficial program offered to all citizens, and now they have broadened their program to qualified teenagers as well. The FBI Teen Academy will cover topics related to teenagers and their lives such as cybercrimes (cyberbullying) and other crimes. This program is beneficial for teenagers so they can raise awareness to students and teens about the severity behind these cybercrimes. Students will be accepted into the program through evaluation of their GPA, school and community involvement (such as after school activities and volunteer work) and an essay they will be required to submit along with their application. So what are the benefits to your teenager joining the FBI Teen Academy?


Firstly, your teenager could gain a lot of knowledge about law enforcement, laws, and gain reputable volunteer service for their college applications or future careers. They may even want to join the law enforcement career field someday themselves. However, these are not the only benefits of the FBI Teen Academy. Teenagers are often put into stressful and peer pressured situations in high school, and learning to help out others rather than be a bully themselves is a wonderful moral to teach.


With the more than common usage of technology, cyberbullying is not only illegal now, but it is also a crime that can detrimentally harm others. By your teen joining this academy, you can rest assured that your teenager will learn about bullying, how to prevent it, and how to handle it in terms of the law. You can also ensure yourself that your teenager will gain honest volunteer work helping the community out and learning to respect their home, school, peers, and the community as a whole. There is no better way to prepare your teen for the adult world than to ensure they are taught respect and to help others in the world.