From children to adults, it’s no secret that the community, at times, does not fully understand what the FBI is all about. There is a misconception that FBI staff are out to intimidate people and compel them to provide evidence on cases of crime. However, these people have a core value of helping the society. Through FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy, leaders, senior citizens, teens, businesses, media, and other people can participate in educational programs, which allow them to discover the importance of collaborating with FBI staff.


Why the community should engage with FBI

Criminal activities happen in our communities. We are the most affected when crimes happen. When we do not work hard to deal with the criminals, we are the end losers. In case the community does not cooperate with FBI and provide them with the information they need, it only continues to suffer losses and damages from the activities of criminals. Citizens Academy programs are designed to allow the communities to understand how important they are in enhancing security among themselves.


FBI staff are friendly people

Unlike the perception many people have, FBI are not what many think of them. They are guided by very strong values of helping the community. Whatever they do is for the good of the community. However, without the help of the community, it makes their job very difficult. FBI Citizens Academy programs allow you to meet with these agents and find out their personalities and qualities. Those who have attended these programs have a different notion about FBI agents.


FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy brings a new face to the agents

When you attend the FBI,Los Angeles Citizens Academy, you will learn how to promote security at the community level. It provides you with information, resources, tactics, and knowledge on how citizens can respond to security threats and help the FBI deal with the situation before disasters, loss, or damage occur.


Graduates of FBI LA CA join FBI LA Citizens Academy Alumni Association where they meet occasionally to get updates about emerging security issues both at the community level and in the global scene.