The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigations is a government organization composed of exceptionally talented people that aim to keep the country safe and rid it of dangers such as terrorists, criminals, drug dealers, and so on.  You don’t need to be an agent to help them, however. Like the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association, or FBI LA Ca for short, you can help the agency in many different ways.


What Can You Do?

Dealing with criminals or terrorists is very dangerous, so you should leave it to the professionals.  But you can do these:

  • Regularly check the FBI Most Wanted page and memorize the faces and descriptions of suspects.
  • Be conscious of possible espionage activities, like a person getting data without authorization, listening in to conversations or trying to get information on things they have nothing to do with, looking into trash, and so on.
  • If you’re a programmer, you can help the agency break computer codes and viruses that could jeopardize security.

If you suspect crime, the best thing to do is call 911 or the police, but if the issue involves possible terrorism, espionage, human trafficking, organized crime, extortion, and more, you can give the FBI a tip online or through a phone call.

Remember, even if you stumble upon some suspicious people or activities, don’t try to verify it yourself.  Inform the authorities. Not putting yourself in danger is helping the agency, too.


Join an Organization

You can also join a community organization that focuses on FBI-related matters.  The FBI LA Ca, for instance, is a group of graduates of an 8-week training course at the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Association.  They have projects that help in educating people about law enforcement, particularly about the FBI.  They also hold FBI-related events and you can also be invited to exclusive training sessions.