We may not possess super powers like those of comic superheroes but we can change the world one small deed at a time. Here are some inspiring ideas on how you can make a difference.


  • Learn the basic value of respect. A little respect goes a long way. Respect yourself. Respect everyone around you, and that includes your spouse and children, your immediate family members, your neighbors, your co-workers, the street vendors, and everyone you meet. Respect other people’s opinions, beliefs, culture and religion. This fundamental value is the actual key to end all battles, starting from the family and up to the international community. Instilling this value in our young ones ensures a better, brighter and more peaceful future.
  • Appreciate the things that you have and be thankful for them. If we truly apply this simple principle in life, we would be a lot happier, more satisfied and content. Failure to do so causes so much greed, hate and destruction. Take, for instance, the environment. We should truly see and appreciate how important it is to protect and preserve nature, so that future generations will also be able to enjoy its generous bounty. We are making a difference when we recycle and limit our carbon footprints on the planet.
  • Do what you can, however small it might be. Be active and take part in environmental campaigns, human rights campaigns and whatever you believe to be worth fighting for. Get yourself directly involved in voluntary community work such as cleaning up and planting trees for Earth Day, donating to humanitarian programs to feed the hungry, to shelter the homeless, or to sponsor the sick. To take things one step higher, you can join FBI LA Ca, a community service-oriented organization that aims to achieve and maintain a safer community.