Nowadays, maintaining security in a community has become easier, thanks to advancements in technology such as mobile phones and the Internet. This means, even average citizens can already take part in preventing crime and securing their neighborhoods without solely relying on the police force.

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There’s no better way to maintain safety in a community than taking part in it. Since 2011, the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association provides projects such as security awareness and training on how to respond to situations that law enforcement officers usually encounter. By doing this, they help promote a safe community.

Each of their members is a graduate of the eight-week curriculum of the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Association. During the training, the members from the different parts of society such as government, labor, medical and business sectors, and the media as well as minority, religious groups, and senior citizens learn about law enforcement. They also tackle challenges, resources, and limitations of the police force so they can act in accordance with the law.

The FBI-LA CAAA members are regularly updated about crimes as well as recent and emerging issues of the community through periodic meetings and conferences.


As a separate entity from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the LA CAAA acts with transparency by taking into account the limitations of the federal police force.

This is also the reason why the FBI-LA CAAA can proudly say that it cannot, in any way, be involved in malpractices that some authorities are accused in. This is because the organization is based and supported by the community where funding is directly taken from donations from the people.

However, this does not mean that they are not working WITH the federal police. In fact, they promote honing strong ties with local law enforcements to make the community more secure.