Los Angeles is considered by some to be the center of the universe! Thanks in large part by Hollywood, people all over the world look to California to be the trend-setter of humanity. By and large, Americans love their country and most of America’s world traveling citizens would not trade their country for anything. Because, freedom along with law and order are a mainstay of our country’s foundation. Organizations that allow for citizen participation with our law enforcement agencies serve to reinforce the integrity of our whole. There are evil do-ers out there and we must ever be aware and alert for their presence.


The FBI Citizens Academy in LA fosters and facilitates this community awareness by informing us about the methods and practices of this legendary law enforcement agency so we can properly assist them in their duties. Knowing the capabilities of our law enforcement agencies along with their limitations, can be crucial when circumstances arise and you become imperiled by criminals or criminal activity. Yes, the criminal element is out there. You can take a proactive stance and better familiarize yourself with the organization in place that serves to protect you. That is the LA FBI Citizens Academy.


We urge you to take an active role in harnessing the power we have by unifying our community. You are cordially invited to attend our regular meetings and participate in our community dialog. At the Los Angeles FBI Citizens Academy, we believe a proactive role with those dedicated public servants that protect us day in and day out, is the best way to ensure the principles that make our country great. Come experience for yourself the community togetherness and safety empowerment that can come from one of our meetings or training sessions.