Crimes which are committed that fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI, and particularly those involving terrorism, are a constantly evolving threat. Following the particularly brutal mass shooting in Orlando, the FBI is investigating every nuance into the life of self-proclaimed Jihadist, Omar Mateen to better understand his motivation, methods and tactics with a goal of improving profiling techniques and stopping future types of attacks, this according to a New York Times article dated June 14th by Matt Apuzzo and Eric Lichtblau. With up to 10,000 investigations taking place at any given time, the FBI is moving fast to get the upper hand.


Just as agents and agency policies adapt new strategies, so too is the syllabus for things taught to attendants of the FBI LA Citizens Academy. “If you see something, say something!” is a credo that has been helpful over the years since 9-11 but it is not the only arrow in the quiver of law enforcement or concerned citizens. Because Mateen had been the subject of not one but two FBI investigations but did not meet the criteria to be apprehended, particular interest in identifying any overlooked method or technique law enforcement might have available to better discern the genesis of his heinous act.


In his capacity as a security guard, Mateen was already a holder of both open and concealed carry permits. Such state issued licenses speed up the firearms purchasing process and tend to allay the fears of gun shop owners when selling weapons. While Congress pushes forward seeking to mandate a solution, the method by which to achieve such a solution dances about with highly polarized differences between gun control advocates and constitutionalists seeking to protect the Second Amendment.


Rest assured, enrollees at the FBI LA Citizens Academy will receive all updated information about the agencies missions as they become available!