Children in Los Angeles, California can take advantage of a unique program when interested in the police force. The FBI LA CA Los Angeles has created the FBI Teen Academy to teach teens about the FBI covering a wide variety of topics. Teens can learn how the FBI operates and what it takes to become an agent. The program not only keeps teens busy, but helps each child to learn about the police force and possibly start on a unique career path.

Learning during the Teen Academy

Several topics are covered during time spent with the Academy. Student awareness is enhanced with such topics covered as cyber bullying, cybercrime and more. Students can be involved in the Teen Academy based on GPA score, as well as community involvement and school activities. An essay must be created by each student to determine who will earn a seat in the class.

Getting to know the FBI LA Ca Los Angeles

The Teen Academy is operated by the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association. This organization is a community based group that operates separately from the FBI and was designed to promote safety in the local community. The FBI LA CA Los Angeles works on community service projects, provides educational workshops, all the while emphasizing the mission, limitations and resources of the FBI.

Members of the FBI LA CA Los Angeles must complete a course for eight weeks to be added to the association. The curriculum is based on the issues and challenges of federal law enforcement. After completing the course, graduates are invited to participate in the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association and meet periodically to update members on the emerging issues both globally and on a local level. Such programs as the Teen Academy are just a small example of the good works the group does for the community of Los Angeles.