The main question we always get asked is what does our association entail? What do we do? The FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association is an organization based in the community. We aim to ensure a safer community by offering community service projects and educating others about law enforcement.


The Academy is an 8-week course aimed to teach you the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in the process of collaborating with the FBI in educating community leaders such as businesses, the media, the medical units, government, senior citizens, young adults, schools, and other community leaders on law enforcement and the mission of the FBI.


The graduates of the 8-week academy course will earn eligibility to be a participant in the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association. This Alumni Association meets frequently to update and discuss the graduates on the community’s arising issues.


Joining the academy and taking the course provides community residents with the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about the FBI and law enforcement. You will learn how the FBI and other law enforcement agencies conduct their work and what their process is. By gaining insight into law enforcement, you will be able to educate others and come out having a better understanding of law enforcement officials and what their work is like. Often times the media, whether it be the television, newspaper or social media, can shine a false light on the FBI. This academy will shine the truth  on these hard working agents and what their role in the community is.


In the academy students will also learn several tactics that are used in understanding and learning about crimes such as finding and lifting fingerprints, the use of weapons, and examining evidence in a crime scene. The academy is incredibly beneficial and an experience unlike any other that will provide knowledge for a lifetime.