Dear fellow alumni and friends,

As you know we had an election last month and we have a brand new Board of Directors. The new board recently met and we appointed all new Officer positions:

Secretary Lynn Hylen
VP of Development Randy Wong
Executive Vice President David C. Eisman
VP of Communications Bethany Jones
Treasurer Anthony Bohorquez
VP of Operations Vanessa Sapien
President Dean Cochran
VP of Fundraising Sabrina Beg
CEO Diana Kelly
VP of Membership/IT Katrina Jallow
VP of Outreach John Riley

Pictured left to Right: John Riley, Katisha Jallow, Anthony Bohorquez, David Eisman, Vanessa Sapien, ADIC Paul Delacourt, Diana Kelly, Bethany Jones, Dean Cochran, Randy Wong (not pictured but definitely not forgotten Sabrina Beg and Lynn Hylen)

Adriana McDonough our absolutely incredible Community Outreach Specialist will still be putting up with err working with us. If there were every anyone who deserves kudos, a round of applause, flowers, a fruit basket, and a most sincere pat on the back it’s Adriana.

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the outgoing board including Dean Koukos, Issa Edah-Tally, Adnan Khan, Nicholas Rumanes, as well as alternate board member Warner Carr. For some reason Issa and Nicholas still take my calls no matter how many times I pester them with questions and ask for advice.

Additionally, we need to all tip our hats to our outgoing Chairman/CEO Tommy Papa who single handedly built most if not all of our systems which are in place and who has been working with National and has the approval on the Membership cards which will be shipped shortly. Our new board will get to work on getting those out to the membership as soon as they come in over the next couple of weeks. I know all of you know Tommy, he’s been amazing working with key members of the new board and he too continues to take my calls with my list of questions every week. We love you Tommy.

Then we come to Mr. Michael Waiters. If there is one face most of us associate with the Alumni Association it’s Michael Waiters. He is always at every class, giving a speech at a graduation, he’s there at range day, and if you get there early to an event you’d usually Mike Waiters carrying something heavy in to make sure it simply got done. Michael Waiters has been President of this organization for a long time, he has truly been our leader, and between he and Tommy we have some pretty big shoes to fill – which is why it will take all 11 of us. Fortunately, our friends are not going anywhere and still continue to actively work with and advise us.

I have served you for the last 2 years as your Communications person and I plan to continue to help Bethany as much as she wants in that role going forward besides taking over one of the leadership positions; but, believe me this is a Board of 11 equal members. All of us are committed to serve you the membership, in compliance with the National organization, and in the service of the FBI. I speak on behalf of the entire outgoing Board of Directors as well as the current Board when I say thank you for your continued membership and support. We plan to take this organization to even greater heights. I’ve been speaking with both John and Randy and they have some exciting ideas for events that they want to plan, Bethany and I will start getting that information out to you as soon as we start finalizing things.

We could not be more excited to start this new “year” and our meeting with ADIC Delacourt and the FBI leadership was both inspirational and educational. ADIC Delacourt could not be a bigger supporter of this organization and genuinely wants to provide us with the tools to truly perform a service to the community and to tighten our relationship with FBI. We are lucky to have him and the Executive Management team at the Los Angeles Field Office.

Upcoming next week is the trip to D.C. for some of you and then the following week a few of us head to Houston for the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association National conference.

Thank you for your support, we truly value each and every one of you.