Dear friends,

On this solemn day in our nation’s history we remember those who lost their lives on Sept 11, 2001. We also remember those brave first responders who have had lingering heath issues as well as those who died as a result of their heroism. As our former ADIC and current Deputy Director of the FBI David Bowdich said back in April encouraging those incredible FBI first responders to register for health benefits for illnesses related to their work immediately after the terrorist attacks.
“Our folks responded without concerns for themselves. If you hear nothing else I have to say, please register today,” Bowdich said. “We’ve lost too many good people, and I feel we are going to lose more.”

Michael Waiters and I were honored this past Memorial Day at the kind invitation of ADIC Delacourt to carry roses on behalf of 2 FBI Special Agents who had their lives cut short due to illness determined to be related to the crash of flight 93. Michael carried a rose for Special Agent Robert Craig and I carried for Special Agent Paul H. Wilson.

The FBI Los Angeles Twitter page today also remembers to other members of the family in Special Agent Jerry D. Jobe and Special Agent Leonard Hatton

Our brave friends in the FBI never hesitate to run towards the dangers presented to them in order to protect us and this country.

Thank you to all who serve.


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