No where has the importance of the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy and it’s Alumni Association been reinforced than the recent press conference on January 5th. This is where Assistant Director in Charge of LA, David Bowdich, discussed in great deal how the FBI has been out in the community seeking all information pertinent to the San Bernardino massacre. With hundreds of interviews from witnesses and victims, and throughout gathering and scrutiny of local traffic cameras and the like, there still exists an eighteen minute gap in the timeline where the whereabouts of husband and wife killers cannot be accounted for.


In his effort to have “no stone left unturned” Bowdich reached out to the public and asked for their cooperation in coming forward if they knew anything about the event or might have media of some kind that would shed light on the missing gap. It is the concern of the FBI that the killers Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik may have interacted with some yet to be discovered locations and or individuals.


In this way, the kinds of lasting bonds the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy and it’s Alumni Association have forged with the community really come into focus. The fundamental understanding and education that the association brings to ordinary citizens can really make a difference at times like these where successful community outreach helps the FBI gather critical information concerning potential threats to us all!


Because the Alumni have a keen insight on the actual day-to-day operations at the bureau, the citizens are empowered with the proper protocols to interact with the agency and gets things done with the professionalism, integrity and efficiency the FBI is so well known for. In an increasingly dangerous world where threats come right to our backyard, the importance of the Citizens Academy cannot be understated.