Dear fellow FBI LA CAAA colleagues, 

The Nomination Committee (NC) is always looking for a few folks to take on the tradition of leadership in fulfilling our open or next Board Seats. 

You can make a difference with the FBI LA CAAA by applying as a board candidate. Recruiting board members is an exciting and time-honored tradition with FBILACAAA. 

Below are a few qualities we are seeking that a successful candidate will possess. 

  • Integrity: demonstrating zero tolerance for unethical behavior, both for themselves and their colleagues.
  • Independence: Having no unique business, financial or personal relationships that create even the perception of a conflict of interest.
  • Mature Confidence: Speaking out and actively participating in board and committee deliberations.
  • Corporate Manners: Recognizing the difference between productively participating in discussions and counter-productively dominating deliberations through the volume or length of comments. Must be able to work with members to create workable compromises.
  • A Sense of Context: Making relevant informed comments focused on the specific aspect of the issue being considered. Must be able to stay in topic.
  • Courage: Willingness to do the right thing/make the right decision even if it’s difficult or unpopular.
  • Commitment: Understanding that being an effective board member requires the time, the heart, and the standards to make an enterprise successful.

 We know all of you possess the above qualities and more, so please consider applying or nominating a colleague. Send all nominations confidentially to: 

Attached is the application form, and we are eager to hear from you. 

To be eligible, You must be certified and current in your dues. All graduates from 2014 to present are automatically certified unless you received notification from FBI LA CAAA stating otherwise. Graduates prior to 2014 who have been re-certified per FBI requirements over the past 5-years, will also be able to participate.

Election Process

  1. Nominations Committee (NC) was established in January 2019
  2. NC is looking to elect all 11 Directors slots as well as 2 Alternate Directorsfor a 2-year term. There will be a number of incumbents that will be submitting their nomination for consideration.
  3. NC will solicit nominations from the certifiedcurrent FBI LA CAAA members –
  4. NC will review the nominations and submit to FBI LA for comment and approval for the nominee
  5. NC will establish a ballot and send to the membership electronically to your email address on file. Please sure your email address is updated.
  6. Election Meeting will determine the final elections.
  7. Newly elected individuals will be notified.
  8. The new board will be invited to the next board meeting to coordinate official ceremony/candidacy.