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Active (PAR) Training: Preparation – Action – Recovery Shooter

Active (PAR) Training: Preparation – Action – Recovery Shooter

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InfraGard Los Angeles, the FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association, the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC) & C-T Watch, Inc. Present: ACTIVE SHOOTER (PAR) TRAINING: Preparation – Action – Recovery DATE AND TIME Sat, March 24, 2018 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM PDT LOCATION Exact Location Will be Emailed to Approved Attendees Fullerton, CA United States Register   PART 1: PREPARATION, BY BOB DOUGHERTY, CIA RET. To address pre-Incident Indicators / behavioral indicators of potential subjects prior to a terrorist or criminal related incident & how to be situationally aware and prepare for such incidences. PART 2: ACTION, BY POLICE CAPTAIN RAY BOTTENFIELD (SME) WHO HAS BEEN AWARDED THE PRESIDENTIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT MEDAL OF VALOR FOR STOPPING AN ACTIVE SHOOTING AT A SOCAL SCHOOL CAMPUS To address run-hide-fight options, the appropriate response for when law enforcement arrives on the scene, and active shooter survival kits. PART 3: RECOVERY, BY ERIK FRANCO – TACTICAL MEDIC (SME) WHO TRAINS MILITARY & LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES IN TACTICAL MEDICINE To address trauma and treatment post active shooting incident, use of chest seals, tourniquets and current industry standards for immediate care. Tourniquet drills will be part of the program. COURSE BENEFITS: Private and Public sector situational awareness. COST: $10.00 – Light refreshments & snacks provided. TARGET AUDIENCE: Private sector security, Public Safety (Law/Health/Fire), Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLO’s), Medical Liaison Officers (MLO’s), area stakeholders, Critical Infrastructure Sectors, and all InfraGard Los Angeles Members. Register   WHAT INFRAGARD MEMBERS ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS ACTIVE SHOOTER (PAR) CLASS: “It was great getting the Active Shooter perspective from someone who was deeply involved in a live incident. On hands medical training was fantastic.” “I feel this Active Shooter class was one of the best I have had the opportunity to attend. I also felt this class had some hands-on training. I would like to have more hands-on training if possible. Thank you for having this training”. “Far exceeded expectations (which were high to start with) – outstanding in every way!!! I plan on sharing this information with our threat management personnel and colleagues”. If you have any questions, please contact training@infragardlosangeles.org Registration closes March 22nd. Registration requests made after this time will not be considered. All guests must...

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FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association National Conference 2017

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FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association National Conference 2017 Sacramento, CA The FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association attended the National Leadership Conference in Sacramento last week. Left to Right: Board Members Issa Edah-Tally, Adnan Khan, Dean Cochran, President Michael Waiters, Chairman Tommy Papa, and Andrea Wilson represented the L.A. chapter Alumnus Tim Wong with retired FBI Special Agent Max Noel who arrested Ted Kaczynski. The FBI LA CAAA was awarded the Chapter of Excellence Award for the 2nd Year in a row.   The National Conference was a great way for our chapters to get together and share ideas on community outreach, communications, and how to better support the FBI in our areas. We had the opportunity to experience some amazing presentations from FBI agents who handled investigations ranging from the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando to 9-11 to our own David Bowdich who did a presentation on the San Bernardino mass shooting. There was a great deal of work to be done at the conference but we also had time to bond in the down time where we started making plans on how to improve our chapter. Look out for the official newsletter soon!...

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How to Help the FBI: Tips from FBI LA Ca

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The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigations is a government organization composed of exceptionally talented people that aim to keep the country safe and rid it of dangers such as terrorists, criminals, drug dealers, and so on.  You don’t need to be an agent to help them, however. Like the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association, or FBI LA Ca for short, you can help the agency in many different ways.   What Can You Do? Dealing with criminals or terrorists is very dangerous, so you should leave it to the professionals.  But you can do these: Regularly check the FBI Most Wanted page and memorize the faces and descriptions of suspects. Be conscious of possible espionage activities, like a person getting data without authorization, listening in to conversations or trying to get information on things they have nothing to do with, looking into trash, and so on. If you’re a programmer, you can help the agency break computer codes and viruses that could jeopardize security. If you suspect crime, the best thing to do is call 911 or the police, but if the issue involves possible terrorism, espionage, human trafficking, organized crime, extortion, and more, you can give the FBI a tip online or through a phone call. Remember, even if you stumble upon some suspicious people or activities, don’t try to verify it yourself.  Inform the authorities. Not putting yourself in danger is helping the agency, too.   Join an Organization You can also join a community organization that focuses on FBI-related matters.  The FBI LA Ca, for instance, is a group of graduates of an 8-week training course at the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Association.  They have projects that help in educating people about law enforcement, particularly about the FBI.  They also hold FBI-related events and you can also be invited to exclusive training...

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Crimes which are committed that fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI, and particularly those involving terrorism, are a constantly evolving threat. Following the particularly brutal mass shooting in Orlando, the FBI is investigating every nuance into the life of self-proclaimed Jihadist, Omar Mateen to better understand his motivation, methods and tactics with a goal of improving profiling techniques and stopping future types of attacks, this according to a New York Times article dated June 14th by Matt Apuzzo and Eric Lichtblau. With up to 10,000 investigations taking place at any given time, the FBI is moving fast to get the upper hand.   Just as agents and agency policies adapt new strategies, so too is the syllabus for things taught to attendants of the FBI LA Citizens Academy. “If you see something, say something!” is a credo that has been helpful over the years since 9-11 but it is not the only arrow in the quiver of law enforcement or concerned citizens. Because Mateen had been the subject of not one but two FBI investigations but did not meet the criteria to be apprehended, particular interest in identifying any overlooked method or technique law enforcement might have available to better discern the genesis of his heinous act.   In his capacity as a security guard, Mateen was already a holder of both open and concealed carry permits. Such state issued licenses speed up the firearms purchasing process and tend to allay the fears of gun shop owners when selling weapons. While Congress pushes forward seeking to mandate a solution, the method by which to achieve such a solution dances about with highly polarized differences between gun control advocates and constitutionalists seeking to protect the Second Amendment.   Rest assured, enrollees at the FBI LA Citizens Academy will receive all updated information about the agencies missions as they become...

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How to Make a Difference in the World

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We may not possess super powers like those of comic superheroes but we can change the world one small deed at a time. Here are some inspiring ideas on how you can make a difference.   Learn the basic value of respect. A little respect goes a long way. Respect yourself. Respect everyone around you, and that includes your spouse and children, your immediate family members, your neighbors, your co-workers, the street vendors, and everyone you meet. Respect other people’s opinions, beliefs, culture and religion. This fundamental value is the actual key to end all battles, starting from the family and up to the international community. Instilling this value in our young ones ensures a better, brighter and more peaceful future. Appreciate the things that you have and be thankful for them. If we truly apply this simple principle in life, we would be a lot happier, more satisfied and content. Failure to do so causes so much greed, hate and destruction. Take, for instance, the environment. We should truly see and appreciate how important it is to protect and preserve nature, so that future generations will also be able to enjoy its generous bounty. We are making a difference when we recycle and limit our carbon footprints on the planet. Do what you can, however small it might be. Be active and take part in environmental campaigns, human rights campaigns and whatever you believe to be worth fighting for. Get yourself directly involved in voluntary community work such as cleaning up and planting trees for Earth Day, donating to humanitarian programs to feed the hungry, to shelter the homeless, or to sponsor the sick. To take things one step higher, you can join FBI LA Ca, a community service-oriented organization that aims to achieve and maintain a safer community.  ...

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