The FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBI LA CAAA) Speaker Series was established in 2013 to assist the Los Angeles FBI with fulfilling its community education outreach initiative. The Speaker Series objective is to inform the public about the missions, priorities, and organization of today’s FBI.  This information provides everyday citizens insight into the FBI’s role in combating the major threats faced by our country: terrorism, espionage, and all forms of cyber crimes, including identity theft, Medicare Fraud, and Internet scams. The presenters are not FBI agents, but civilians who are experts in a field that pertains to the FBI’s mission. Through these presentations, our goal is to enhance awareness of emerging issues and threats and how it pertains to the Bureau’s activities, dispel any misperceptions, and encourage the community to assist the FBI in its mission of protecting our communities and nation. This year’s speaker series topics include, but are not limited to the following (all are subject to change).   Location Los Angeles:

  1. Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  2. Climate Change and National Security Speaker
  3. Cyber Crimes
  4. Tour of LA’s Infrastructure Assets
  5. Beyond al-Qaeda: The emergence and resurgence of a number of extremist groups

Location OC:

  1. Cyber Crimes
  2. Shooting Incident Reconstruction and Case studies Speaker
  3. Understanding LA’s Water Resource